Social Media

In this day and age, social media is an integral part of communicating with your target audiences – for some audiences it is the key medium – and thus plays a central role in keeping those interested in your business up to date.

Working in real time, social media offers a range of direct, timely and engaging platforms in the communications mix, for every type of business.

Whether you need to target Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or SnapChat (or the next trend), every platform offers particular opportunities to grow your market, explain to customers or clients what you do and help demonstrate real engagement, leadership, innovation and relevance to your audience.

That’s why detailed social media planning, to match the platform to the role, is required.

And, as effective social media engagement means having a resource to deliver two-way communication with your audience in a timely fashion, at Indigo, we support ambitious organisations and individuals to grow their social media presence and engagement with their target audiences.

Our activity ranges from creating regular, real time content, bespoke monitoring using industry leading tools, through to full service management across multiple platforms, directing content and engaging proactively with audiences.

We are focussed on giving our clients the confidence to take social media to the next level.

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