Scottish Neurological Care Centre Gets Top Marks For Third Year

By February 20, 2019

A neurological care centre service in Aberdeen ran by national healthcare charity Sue Ryder has been awarded the highest grade by the Care Inspectorate for the third year running.

Dee View Court, a Sue Ryder specialist neurological care centre based in Kincorth, Aberdeen, caring for people aged 18 and over with life-changing conditions affecting the brain and nervous system, was awarded ‘excellent’ by the regulatory body for its quality of care, support and staffing.

Sue Ryder Dee View Court is currently the only purpose built specialist neurological centre in Scotland and sets the standard on care for people with neurological conditions such as: motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and acquired brain injury. The centre provides specialist neurological care, rehabilitation and support tailored to the individual needs of people with a range of neurological conditions.

The Care Inspectorate report assessed the service to be ‘performing at an excellent level and sector leading’ and said that ‘staff were confident in their roles and improvement focussed’.

The report also highlighted that residents and relatives spoke exceptionally highly of Dee View Court and the difference the care and support had made to their quality of life. Residents said “it’s a fantastic place” and that they “like it a lot”.  Residents also spoke about the ongoing building and refurbishment work in the centre and said they were excited about the planned changes.

The Inspection spent a considerable amount of time observing staff practice in the centre and how the staff interacted with residents, especially those with limited communication. Their observations showed that all staff worked with warmth and compassion to ensure that the residents were treated as individuals. The report goes on to say that they found that staff took time to ensure that residents were not rushed or hurried. The staff described instances where it might take most of the evening to ensure a resident was comfortable in bed. Staff said it is important to “get it right, no matter how long it takes”.

Valerie Maxwell, Centre Director Sue Ryder Dee View Court said:

“Sue Ryder Dee View Court has played a key role in the delivery of expert and compassionate care and support for people living with complex neurological conditions for over 14 years, receiving referrals from across Scotland.

“I was delighted to see that the report highlighted the teams continued focus on sustaining and improving the outcomes for our residents as part of our everyday way of working. It’s due to everyone’s commitment here that the Care Inspectorate awarded the service the highest grade for the third year running.

“Everything we do here is designed around the person, not their condition and it’s good to see that being highlighted in the report.”

The full report is now available on the Care Inspectorate website.