Scotland’s film industry on a roll – Letter to the Editor

By January 15, 2019

Dear Editor

It’s been a good week for Scotland’s entertainment industry. Plans for a 48 acre world-class film studio to be built adjacent to Dalkeith Country Park have been submitted, Richard Madden walked away with the award for Best Actor in a TV Series at the 76th Golden Globes, and I’m delighted that a project I was involved in, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, was awarded Best Animated Film.

As an Edinburgh native who studied film at the Royal Conservatorie of Scotland and started my career at the BBC, my passion in family entertainment led me to make the bold decision to travel across to LA for work, and I’ve been fortunate it’s enabled me to pursue my career as a film producer.

Whilst Hollywood is undoubtedly home of the movie industry, it’s good to see that Scotland is doing more to showcase what a wonderful location it is for filming given it has a pool of talent on its doorstep.

Outlander is a phenomenal success in the US, but we need to keep this momentum going to keep Scotland on the map for forthcoming opportunities. That’s why the proposed film studio should be welcomed, and I’m delighted to hear that there are also discussions with Napier University about establishing a Scottish Film Academy on site to help discover and encourage the next generation of Scottish filmmakers.

Not only does Scotland have a wealth of beautiful locations, there are many brilliant creative minds too, and in creating more opportunity locally I hope that home-grown talent can establish their careers without the need to move thousands of miles away. Yours sincerely

Gavin Laing

3672 Hughes Ave #2, Los Angeles, California, USA 90034