Rainbow lifters: Edinburgh gym is the first to offer transgender specific fitness classes

By January 4, 2019

A local not for profit gym and wellness centre is the first in Edinburgh to offer fitness classes created specifically for transgender and non-binary people.

Projekt 42, currently based at the YMCA in Junction Place, will introduce weight bearing and high intensity classes every Sunday from 6th January, and will feature workouts aimed specifically for trans-feminine and trans-masculine people taught by personal trainer Coach Huld.

The community gym, which aims to support those battling mental health issues by offering a mix of free or affordable fitness classes, counselling and wellbeing services, is implementing the new classes to cater for the capital’s transgender and non-binary residents.

Sara Hawkins, founder of Project 42, said:

“We are passionate about treating people fairly and ensuring our members know they will be treated as their true gender at our facility.

“Transitioning can be a journey and health and fitness is fantastic for creating not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.

“These two separate weekly classes are suitable for all levels, tailored toward gender affirmation muscle development and functional full-body training, high intensity exercises.”

Coach Huld (they/them), a non-binary trans-feminine Personal Trainer who has worked with a majority LGBTQIA+ people, added:

“I truly believe that exercise can be a powerful means of developing a more positive relationship with our bodies, which can be such a challenge for non-cis people.

“That’s why I have made it my mission to lower the barriers of entry into fitness for people like me as much as I can.”

The classes are free to attend. The trans-feminine class is from 14.00-15.00pm and the trans-masculine runs from 15.30-16.30pm.

For more information on Projekt 42 please visit www.projekt42.co.uk