Dundee Women’s Aid launches Christmas Campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence victims

By December 10, 2019

Dundee Women’s Aid has launched a Christmas campaign to raise £2500 this month to assist victims of domestic abuse in the city.

The ‘Just Because it’s Christmas’ campaign highlights the heart-breaking reality that domestic abuse, violence and coercive control against women and children does not stop happening just because it’s the festive season.

The digital campaign reinforces that all anyone experiencing domestic abuse wants is to have a normal Christmas like everyone else. Women’s Aid Dundee @DundeeWomensAid has therefore created a social media post each day this month and invites everyone to like and share these posts to raise awareness, that for some Christmas can be a very distressing time of year.

Suffering only increases for victims of domestic abuse over the Christmas break because of the added pressure to carry on as if they are in a normal family environment. The everyday triggers that can cause domestic abuse are compounded further by the festive perception of Christmas, creating an oppressive environment for someone who is already living in a difficult domestic situation.

The campaign also outlines the touchpoints where victims come into contact with others and provides insight into the difficulties and misconceptions that abuse can invoke. It shows that people should never overlook potential signs that someone is being abused. These include obvious ones like facial bruising to more subtle signs such as withdrawal from friends, families and activities that were once enjoyed.

Speaking on behalf of Women’s Aid Dundee, Mary Miller CEO said:

“One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that women in such situations should “just leave”. Unfortunately, it is usually much more complex than this and the main reason abused partners don’t leave is overwhelming fear, for their own safety and that of their children.

“Our Just Because it’s Christmas campaign aims to support women and children in refuge this Christmas and we ask the people of Dundee to unite and pledge their support in raising awareness to end violence, abuse and coercive control against women and children.

“We are extremely grateful to receive donations towards our fundraising target of £2500 and we have already been overwhelmed by the generosity of someone who anonymously donated £500 on the first day of the campaign.”

To donate to the appeal online, the link is www.goldengiving.com