Media Relations

Good quality media relations is still a vital tool in building, supporting and enhancing your reputation.

The key to successful media relations is the ability to generate the right stories over a sustained period of time, placed for maximum effect and one of our strengths is in creating stories for clients to generate coverage.

Many of our clients are known for ‘punching above their weight’ in the media. They have found that a strong media profile has provided the critical endorsement that supports sales, business development and even fundraising programmes.

We are proactive and creative in the routes used. The drive for 24 hour news feeds, analysis and online commentary is changing the face of media relations and our communication solutions work seamlessly to cover all the bases.

We have the nous and tact to work on the most sensitive issues as we appreciate that on occasion, managing your reputation can sometimes mean that successful media relations is measured by keeping stories out of the media spotlight.

Irrespective of sector, geography or traditional and online media platforms, Indigo’s expertise is in successfully delivering bespoke communication programmes.

I was a Member of the European Parliament representing Scotland from 1999 to 2014.

Throughout all of this period I relied on Indigo to handle my complex media affairs, covering every aspect of my work as an MEP and providing me with a first class early-warning system for potential media pitfalls. Indigo impressed me always as a thoroughly professional and highly competent organisation.
– Struan Stevenson for MEP

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