Work experience at Indigo

By June 15, 2011Uncategorized

After working at Indigo for a few days I have been able to experience the world of PR and learn about the different areas within Indigo.  Being taken to a client’s premise yesterday and sitting in on a meeting was a brand new experience for me, as that is certainly something I haven’t done before, being a 5th year student at school!

I also found it interesting to view Indigo’s press releases on various clients, as by reading them, I was able to find out information on work Indigo has done for clients.  I have to say, I was particularly interested in the information regarding the Royal Highland Centre, as not only am I a loyal fan of the Royal Highland Show, but I was also intrigued to learn that JLS are putting on a concert there as I admit that I am a bit of a fan of JLS.

I also experienced an Indigo staff meeting regarding a proposal for a potential client which was useful to witness, as I could see how Indigo plan proposals and press releases before they are put forward to a client or are publically released.

I was also involved with gathering cuttings for various clients, which I found quite a good task, as it allowed me to try and identify certain articles in newspapers that might be of interest to clients.

All in all, I find Indigo a really interesting firm and already I have found out things that I did not know before.  I now have an idea of what Indigo does and the different areas involved, whether it be media and public relations, public affairs, crisis management or media training.  I think doing a work placement at Indigo will be very useful and that it will help me in my decision of a future career.


Holly is on work placement at Indigo this week to learn about media and public relations