Who wears the trousers in beach volleyball?

By August 1, 2012Uncategorized

I am amazed by the double-standards and sexism taking place in sport at the moment.

Take the women’s beach volleyball for example.

There are certain people, who suggest that the outfits (bikinis) worn by these athletes, do nothing other than turn women into sex objects. It’s apparently degrading and yet another example of our sexist, male-biased society. We are told that seeing women athletes in bikinis means that all women have to look a certain way, putting pressure on them to conform to certain stereotypes.

These are probably the same women who are swooning over the men’s swimming team as they gaze towards the telly over the top of their copy of “50 Shades of Grey.”

As I approach my 39th year, my physique is perhaps more Arthur Daley than Tom Daley and maybe my washboard stomach is more of a twin-tub, but do you hear us blokes complaining about the women-folk with their semi-naked Cristiano Ronaldo calendar on the wall, or eyeing up the David Beckhams of this world? Do we feel under pressure to have the perfect abs? No – we’re probably too busy doing the ironing while the ladies watch the football!

Micky Gavin