Welcome to Indigo

By September 2, 2015Indigo

At the beginning of August we increased our team here at Indigo by adding two more members. We were delighted to welcome Eilidh Dickson (left) and Melissa Clark (right) to our growing team. Eilidh is a recent graduate from Aberdeen University and has joined us as a Public Affairs Researcher. Melissa comes from a journalistic background before opting for PR the last couple of years and she has joined us as an Account Manager. We thought we’d see how they’re both coping with the hustle and bustle of PR and Public Affairs at Indigo!

First impressions of Indigo?

ED – Approachable, professional and quick off the mark. I couldn’t have had a friendlier welcome and there’s a lot of support the first time you work on something – but you’re certainly working on something from the get go.

MC – The entire team is extremely friendly and don’t mind how many questions you ask- something which can often be quite daunting when starting a new job. The work pace has been very busy however, something I thrive on.

How are you enjoying life in sunny Leith so far?

ED – Given that I live almost next door to the office Leith is my home patch but it’s a great place to work as well.  The office has more to offer than a short commute though; working in a close-knit team means you’re always aware of your role as part of the bigger picture.

MC – Having moved to Edinburgh three years ago, I live at the Shore only a short walk away, so already know the area very well. It’s such a bustling area with there always being something to do.

Fast start, or steadily picking up pace?

ED – Work got going pretty quickly after one team member went on paternity leave on my second day. We cover such a wide range at Indigo that there’s been a lot to dip my toe into. I’ve also already been able to take on the responsibility for a few things myself which is exciting.

MC – From the first day I got to learn about the various processes, which clients I would be working on and how the team all integrated with each other. It’s been a busy few weeks so far but nothing that I would change as being thrown in at the deep end (with enough support!), is how I seem to work best. Having a background in journalism, I enjoy working to tight deadlines and reacting to various scenarios quickly so having this pace from day one has been great start to the role.

What’s new for you?

ED – My last researcher experience was based in London working in parliament so it’s interesting to come at public affairs from the other side.

MC – The role of Account Manager itself is new to me, having been promoted from an Account Executive. I’m excited to learn as much as possible about my new clients and how I can manage my accounts more effectively.

Finally…. what are you most looking forward to achieving in your role?

ED – I’m already enjoying seeing the work I do play into bigger projects and it will be exciting to watch these develop. I think there’s a lot of scope for me to try new things out and, being an election year, the Scottish public affairs world is unlikely to be short of potential.

MC – Bringing creativity to clients that I’ve never worked with before. I work on a variety of clients so there is scope to suggest new, innovative ideas that might not have been previously considered. I look forward to achieving great coverage and hopefully thriving in my role as Account Manager.