Wayne Rooney’s reputation – it’s a game of two halves

By April 12, 2011Uncategorized

Footballer Wayne Rooney has been splashed across the papers this week. Not for his grubby off-pitch antics for a change, but for his foul mouth rant in front of a TV camera as he scored a hat trick against West Ham last Saturday.After insulting millions of viewers and receiving a two match ban where he is “gutted” he’ll be missing the FA Cup semi-final against arch rival Manchester City next week, the 25-year-old fails to learn time and time again that his actions set a bad example to youngsters who look up to him as a role model .

His press ‘statement’ to his recent behaviour comes across as childish. Not a sniff of an apology, more like pathetic snivelling and how the public are meant to feel sorry for him. 

Clearly having his reputation in tatters time and time again doesn’t strike a chord. But the consequences for his actions may now be felt as Coca Cola pulled the plugged on his £600,000 advertising deal – a quarter of his lucrative sponsorship income  – for tarnishing the soft drinks giant’s family-friendly image. In addition, his role as an official ambassador for the charity SOS Children’s Villages has also been stripped. 

With two sponsorships deals still firmly behind him, and one hanging in the balance, perhaps this Liverpudlian, who has everything in life the vast majority of us will not come within an inch off, will begin to behave both on and off the pitch and stick to what he’s paid to do – score goals.