What do Twitter’s changes mean for your business?

By September 21, 2016Social Media


It’s been well documented that Twitter has been struggling to challenge Facebook for some time now. Ever since Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO & Co-Founder) returned to the company his number one priority has been to grow its user base. Over the past few months Twitter has made some big changes in order to do just this and here are some of the changes your business should be aware of.

Twitter ditches images and usernames from its character limit

This is the news that every social media executive or manager has been waiting a long time for. Previously when composing a tweet if you wished to add an attachment (photo, gif etc) then that would add 24 characters to the length of your tweet. As Twitter has a limit of 140 characters this took up a lot of space. With this 24 character limit out the way you now have the ability to get more of your message out there!


When replying to a tweet account Twitter handles will not count towards your character limit either. This gives you and your followers/customers more room to explain their issues or requests with what you have to say.

No more .@

When you wished to mention an account as the first character in your tweet you would have to add a full stop before the @ so that it would show up on your timeline, otherwise it would be classed as a reply and only the mentioned account would see it. Not anymore. From now on tweets that start with a username will be shown in the timeline of all of your followers.

DM reads

This change has followed the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook. Before this alteration when you sent a direct message to someone there was no way of telling if they had seen or read your message… until now! From a consumer point of view this is great as you can see if a brand is ignoring you, from a business point of view it means that if you read a message there’s added pressure to reply to the message so that you can’t be accused of ignoring important stakeholders.

As Twitter continues to evolve and appeal to more consumers it’s important to keep up with any changes. Follow our Twitter account for the latest social media news or feel free to contact our Social Media Executive, Euan Stirling at euan@indigopr.com for a friendly chat.