These are the good old days

By October 17, 2012Uncategorized

“Things were different when I was your age” and similar phrases are often heard coming from the mouths of us old people! In my day a ‘tablet’ was an item of confectionery, ‘wicked’ was a bad thing and ‘sick’ was what happened after eating too much tablet!

But while many things have changed, it’s good to know that some things have stayed the same. No, I don’t mean Cliff Richard still releases a song every Christmas – I am thinking about organisations such as The Boys’ Brigade, which is celebrating its 129th Anniversary this year.

Even though technology has moved on and the world is a very different place than in 1883, the year the BB came into being, it’s encouraging that young people are still involved in this type of organisation. I spent an evening with 51st Edinburgh BB Company recently and the volunteers there do an amazing job. They provide guidance and give direction, but not in an authoritarian way. They are like a big brother to the young people – both they and the kids have a great time! The youngsters get the chance to socialise, take part in fun activities and not only does it drag them away from their smartphones for a few hours a week, it also lets them make friends for life. So, congratulations to The Boys’ Brigade – here’s to the next 129 years


Micky Gavin