The Power of Good: Tania Pramschufer, Director of LocalMotive Markets and Hand Up Events – #PowerOfGood

By August 14, 2019Featured, Power of Good

Tania Pramschufer used to work on The Big Issue Magazine, promoting Fair Trade products through features and cover mounts. Around 2002 she was invited to Ghana and saw first-hand the difference Fairtrade made to communities.  Inspired, she returned to the UK and set up the first Fair Trade Experience, a weekend event which saw producers coming from thirty or more countries to promote their products.  She added music, theatre, dance and choirs to engage consumers.

Tania believes it is vital that people live in a fairer society. For her, if people can trade more fairly and sustainably, it provides them with a way to live a better, easier life and to further develop what they make. She says: “It feels right to me to be involved in this global movement because everyone throughout the chain benefits”.

Today, Tania runs Hand Up Events, which organises Fair Trade concerts and fashionABLE fashion shows – projects which all relate to fair and ethical trade, as well as promoting and celebrating inclusivity and diversity. She is also developing a World Fair Trade Tartan.

LocalMotive Markets, her second social action business, is behind the new Farmers’ Market for Ocean Terminal, soon to be known as PORTA. The PORTA Waterfront Market will be vibrant and filled with beautiful products, mostly hand crafted gifts as well a great variety of delicious food. It will be a permanent feature at Ocean Terminal every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with new stalls each week so the offering is always fresh.

This year the PORTA Waterfront Market will also become a Christmas market from mid-November with many local as well international traders. Like the markets on Castle Street and Waverley Mall, profits realised by the PORTA Waterfront Market will be put back to develop and support new and existing projects.

“Leith has such a strong community of people, who are proud to be Leithers and I hope that the fashion and jewellery workshops will attract the interest of young people.  I will be delighted to hear from local and ethical businesses as well social enterprises if they would like to participate,” she added.

Tania’s events have connected with people all around the globe. The exhibitors at her markets and events come from across Scotland and the UK as well as from Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Cambodia, Bolivia, Chile and India.

If anyone in Edinburgh wants to become involved or participate with their arts, crafts, food etc. visit website for the market is or for more information please email