Talking Technology with Design33 – Indigo Connected

By May 29, 2018Indigo Connected

Indigo works closely with WordPress web designers Design33. Ross Steedman and Jason Murray are enthusiastic podcasters and we asked them to create a series of tracks for Indigo Connected, to demonstrate the power of this simple means of communication.

To begin, we asked them, where does a website fit in the communications matrix? In a world of many different platforms suitable for many different voices, Ross and Jason chat about how the website remains the true business calling card.

Next we asked them about new communications technologies on the horizon.  In an age where privacy is increasingly paramount, the self-destructing messaging system Telegram may be the next big thing.

And finally, the pair chat about why they love a podcast – and it is a lot more than just being hit with writers’ block when faced with authoring a blog.

Listen to each track separately or all together and enjoy!