The sun sets for the Daybreak duo

By November 21, 2011Uncategorized

If you look at the papers this past couple of days, there is one couple that has received public humiliation like that we have not seen for a long time; Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.Their sensational sacking from Daybreak has come after a year of plummeting viewing figures and attacks on the on-screen husband and wife. There has been nothing like this since Richard and Judy left the This Morning sofa over a decade ago. 

Daybreak has never really ‘broken in’ unfortunately and I’m genuinely not sure why. My only real bugbear with the show is the colouring of the set. Strange, but the dismal greys and blues don’t entice me in the morning. And, surprisingly for those who know my taste for celebrity nonsense, I am actually a BBC Breakfast Bill and Sian girl (I love Bill!). 

Anyway, Bill Turnbull’s ‘so bad they’re good’ jokes aside which keep me on BBC1, what else went wrong with Daybreak? Adrian and Christine were The One Show’s dynamic duo and I actually rather enjoyed The One Show with them on it. Christine’s cheeriness was the perfect antithesis to Adrian’s amusing grumpiness. But talk of a less-than-amicable departure from the BBC for a bumper payout from ITV, who had ditched the rather popular GMTV for Daybreak, meant the pair never really stood a chance from the start and the strain has been evident. ITV said they had a year to prove themselves and had failed to do so – but has ITV failed them? 

Adrian was reportedly relaxed enough for the public to know they had been sacked but Christine had wanted to stress she was wanting to move on to ‘new projects’ (reportedly Dancing on Ice). Before The One Show and Daybreak, Adrian was already an established football presenter and has kept this going. His reputation in that field (pardon the pun) to an extent is safe. But Christine was the new, bright young unknown when she started out and after her career initially soaring, this year has taken its toll. With the likes of her One Show replacement Strictly Come Dancing’s Alex Jones and This Morning’s Holly Willoughby biting at her five-inch heels, she will be keen to keep her reputation as strong as possible so she can still be British TV’s golden girl. 

So what can they do now? I think they need to hold their hands up, say the show didn’t work and move on. The British public love the underdog, the person fighting back who has shown humility. The sad thing is they also love to build someone up to knock them down, just look at Cheryl Cole, so all Christine can do is roll with the punches and do what she does best – paint a smile on her face, accept the past and put it behind her and be professional. As for Adrian, I think he’ll be just fine and will see this relatively brief foray into magazine television as a learning curve (ball, sorry couldn’t resist another pun). 

I wonder what’s next for Daybreak and if it will be enough for me to drag myself away from Bill and his bee-keeping!