The sun comes down on Twilight’s golden couple

By August 3, 2012Uncategorized

I was SHOCKED to read Kristen Stewart had an affair. I mean, she goes out with R-Patz! That brooding, cooler than ice vampire that has all the women’s hearts (even though he, well he as Edward, doesn’t have one) a-flutter. (Being perfectly honest, I am actually Team Jacob myself but still – wow!)

When I first read the story though I was all ready to dismiss it as a storm in a teacup as these things often are. Yes, I pore over gossip sites and pages and will discuss them as gospel with friends but I do know to take them with a pinch of salt and realise the sheer pantomime of it all. I thought this was definitely going to be one of those that had been blown out of all proportion – until K-Stew’s ridiculously open and honest statement. Wow!

There are two things to consider here when looking at it from a reputational perspective (rather than solely gossip purposes) – what will the impact be on her career and that of the final instalment of the five-part film series?

For her, this really couldn’t have hit the headlines at a more inopportune time. Snow White and the Huntsman is her big post-Twilight break and the film was pretty well received (not that I’ve seen it – my friend’s 13-year-old daughter said it would be a bit scary for me but that it was “pretty cool”). After a few low budget, ‘independent’ forays, this was her chance to shine outside the franchise. There were talks of a follow-up to Snow White which have been put to one side while this controversy rages. She overcame the Twi-hards for dating their main man and seemed to have been accepted by this massive legion of fans. But breaking the heart of their heartthrob will not be so easily accepted.

In terms of the Twilight press machine; this is going to lead to some awkward questioning and red carpets. Although never overtly public in their relationship, the ‘are they, aren’t they’ ponderings and the fairytale love story come to life was a major hook of the Twilight publicity trail. Now that has come to an abrupt end in such a spectacularly public fashion, there is a worry this could overshadow the carefully planned build up to the November launch. This is the final throw of the Twilight dice and the legacy of the franchise hangs on how well the final instalment of the saga is received.

As more revelations seep out about the affair and the fallout from it, fans around the world will be keeping an eager eye on the developments and wonder what November will bring.


Suzanne Mackie