Social media – where being real has more appeal

By October 22, 2013Uncategorized

It would seem that everyone has adopted Twitter these days.

The latest is Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary – a Marmite-type character. His first Twitter Q&A session played out as one would have predicted.

One employee happily Tweeted “So, my boss is on Twitter right now” to which Mr O’Leary responded, “Get back to work you slacker or you’re fired!”

Love him or hate him, O’Leary is a larger than life character and he has embraced Twitter in exactly the right way. He is being himself. If he went online with airs and graces and a smooth, polished approach, we would be suspicious that it was his PA writing the Tweets for him. There’s something endearing about his directness, he IS the brand and what you see (or read on Twitter) is what you get.

Being true to yourself online, warts and all, is far more likely to be forgiven than a facade!