Businesses, charities, indeed all organisations nowadays fully understand the need to get their message across in well-crafted and persuasively written articles and news releases. What can, sometimes, be harder to convince the busy chief exec or business owner, is the importance of strong images to go with the words.

And yet, so often, it is the picture that makes all the difference.

A good picture is memorable – consider Prince Charles holding a cup of tea as he shakes the hand of Gerry Adams, or Sepp Blatter with his head in his hands.

A good picture that illustrates the story can be the reason why one story is used another not, or why one story is read and another glanced over. In some cases, the picture is the story, turning a bland piece of news into something captivating.

In the world of online and social media, too, it is a picture that gets more click throughs or likes than simple words.

So congratulations to Steve Galbraith who posed with his Teddy ‘Eddy’ for a photographic exhibition on the power of toys to shape lives; to for its chocolate statue of Benedict Cumberbatch just before Easter and Ben & Jerry’s ice sculptures of political leaders to highlight its climate justice campaign in the run up to the election.

As well as to some of our own clients who have also been prepared to put their faith in a picture ..……. Cycling for all, at the launch of the Road Share steering group…………. Christopher Biggins and cup cakes for the launch of the Muir Maxwell Trust’s latest fundraiser ………… and the three Stirling brothers cool and casual in front of a stack of potato crates for the launch of Arbikie vodka. It works!