Shagaluf to Famaluf?

By November 18, 2015Uncategorized

Magaluf is set to be the future holiday destination of wealthy British families. That’s what the Calvia council- made up of the Magaluf and Balearic Government- want to see happen over the next five years, through a multimillion pound investment to transform the notorious Spanish resort.

But how can you change the reputation of an island notorious for cheap cocktails and sex games, to a sunny get-away for the whole family?

One of the biggest challenges from a PR perspective is going to be integrity. There has to be an honest commitment from all stakeholders involved including hotels, bars and holiday reps, to offer family-friendly versions of its current all-night partying and booze cruises.

Time is also a massive factor in this investment. This change isn’t going to happen overnight. You have to build credibility on what is being changed and prove to wealthy families why they should pick the resort, infamously named Shagaluf, undoubtedly not for its love of shagpile carpets.  

Whether we see a shift over the next five, maybe ten years, or not, it will be interesting to see how the reputation changes and the efforts to change the notoriety of the island pans out. Who knows, maybe regulars of the resort will swap belly shots for building sandcastles with their own kids on the beach in years to come. 

Melissa Clark is an Account Manager at Indigo