Running a Campaign

By December 1, 2015Uncategorized

What are the essentials of running a successful campaign? It can be a tricky task. In order to understand how to run a successful campaign it’s always a good idea to look at someone who’s doing it right. As we’ve edged our way into December we’ll be looking at Beating Bowel Cancer’s Decembeard campaign. We’ll be looking at three aspects that are essential of any campaign.So what does a campaign need?

A key message

Any social campaign needs a hook. Decembeard’s campaign message is simple – grow a beard over the course of December to help raise funds for Beating Bowel Cancer. The aim is to have 5000 men signed up to grow beards to raise £500K. It’s a pretty clear cut message and the next step is defining…..

An audience

Defining your audience sounds like a simple task doesn’t it? In Decembeard’s case it would be men of all ages (preferably those that can grow facial hair). Especially those who already have beards, those who are clean shaven and those who have always wanted to have a go at growing a beard. This is obviously a pretty large demographic so where do you start? The most effective method of reaching out to your audience is through social media. They have decided to go with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter are pretty obvious ones to go for due to the extent of their reach. Instagram after this was always going to be a good option as the campaign relies heavily on images.


So by this point you’ve got your idea, you’ve researched your market and decided on what platforms you’d like to use to reach them. Now how do you make people aware of your campaign? You can go down the obvious route of using sponsored advertising which is definitely an effective way of raising awareness. You can pretty much filter your ads to go out to your intended audience. However sponsored advertising alone is not enough, organic promotion is just as important. Decembeard held events up and down the country. These were well covered in the press and across their social media platforms. Celebrity endorsements always help to raise a profile. If the celebs go on to promote it through their social channels and attend the events then a huge amount of exposure can be gained. Celebrities that are taking part in this year’s Decembeard include Matt Dawson, Matthew Wright, Nick Knowles and Christopher Biggins.

The Decembeard campaign has executed these three key aspects well. All the prep and publicity has been done now it’s just time to grow some facial hair.

Just as we will. Some of the Indigo team will be cultivating their beards this month in aid of Beating Bowel Cancer and if you’d like to help the campaign here is our Just Giving page. You can also help beat bowel cancer by growing a beard! Go on, give it a go.