The royal wedding countdown

By March 25, 2011Uncategorized

The countdown is on. Just five weeks to go until the event people of my generation have been waiting for since being read Cinderella as a child – the Royal Wedding.

I, for one, am very excited as it incorporates two of my favourite things – royalty and, well, weddings. And usually my love for these things is not one that is shared by my friends and the public in general (to my level anyway). However, the world has gone abso-flipping-lutely wedding daft! 

From Wills and Kate fridges, to phones, from Vogue planning Kate’s wardrobe for Spring/Summer to the hordes of reported ‘Harry-chasers’ set to hit our shores from America in a bid to secure themselves a prince.

The PR boost for the British Monarchy has been undeniable. In fact, it’s the biggest coup since 30 years ago William’s father wed Diana who would go on to win the hearts of the public and become the nation’s sweetheart. I’ve been reliably informed (thank you Lizzy) that the furore then was incredible and I am delighted that the past 30 years, where we have faced recessions, the birth of new media and the dawn of cynicism have not damped the British, and international, spirit for enjoying a once-in-a-generation real-life fairytale.