Royal wedding blues…

By November 24, 2010Uncategorized

Are you sick of the Royal wedding yet? I’m getting there, not because of the happy couple or anything they are doing but because it didn’t take long for the moaning minority to find something to whinge about.

If the full cost of the wedding had fallen on the taxpayer, that would have been the trigger. But the news that HRH The Prince of Wales and the Middletons are bearing the cost (excluding security) put a full stop to that potential line of moaning.

Instead, we are now having a completely unnecessary debate around the cost to business of another public holiday. Helped, of course, by the tabloid press and their front page illustrations showing that there will be a period of 8 days out of 11 in April/May when British business will be closed.

I have only one thing to say to those who think time and effort should be spent on talking about this  – GET A LIFE!

For small businesses like ours, we have never taken Bank holidays so that we can provide the constancy of service our clients need. Another day off next year is frankly neither here nor there when we are already open on the other seven Bank holidays around then.

What happened to the application of commonsense in such situations? At Indigo, we will offer staff two options: the first will be to have an extra day’s holiday to be taken at any time in 2011 with the second being to take the day off if they want to put on their hats and join in the celebrations. Lots of other businesses will do the same, it’s just one day for one year – so what’s the beef?

If this is only two weeks in, I think I may be completely demented by 29 April… 

Jacqui Low is Managing Director of Indigo. With a career spanning over 25 years in media relations and public affairs, she specialises in crisis PR. Prior to establishing Indigo, Jacqui was a Special Adviser, the first woman to do the job in Scotland.