Royal Baby puts Media in a Spin

The arrival of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, known for the past months with increasing anticipation as “the Royal Baby”, sent the media and everyone connected with it into a spin. It was not a good week in PR to send out anything for clients while competing for newspaper space which was filled with baby news, photographs, speculation, analysis and reaction to the baby’s name, lots of coverage of Diana, Princess of Wales and how she would have loved a granddaughter….and so it went on.

We love babies in our house so my family enjoyed it all.  At work we discussed how quickly the key advertising messaging of famous brands moved to align themselves to the idea that every little one was a Prince or a Princess and deserved to be treated with whatever the product happens to be.

It always fascinates me how the advent of online media now gives everyone the opportunity to put their opinion across on any media article and subject.  I suspect the majority read articles and keep their opinions to themselves, but people with strong views one way or the other, take the opportunity to praise or vent.

The Royals seem to inspire strong views with people who are devoted to them or consider them to be “a bunch of scroungers”.  The accusation of scroungers is often to be read in the negative half of the opinions expressed by readers of some of the tabloids.  From what I understand, the charge to all of us is remarkably small and I often wonder, if I was a Royal Press Advisor, what I would be planning to do to get the word out about this.

Felicity MacFarlane