Robert Kilgour, Renaissance Care #embracingdiversity

Could this be the definition of a ‘diversity’ company?

Renaissance Care employs nearly 930 staff to look after 600 vulnerable elderly people in 14 care homes across the breadth of Scotland. Around 87% are female; 10% of staff are from the rest of the EU and another 13% are from the Rest of the World. A clear majority of the Senior Management Team are women and there is a 50/50 gender balance on the Board of Directors. On gender pay, there is a 3.8% gap in favour of women based on mean measure and 0% on median measure.

They do an amazing job and the company is innovating in ways to help improve elderly care provision for the future.

Robert Kilgour, Executive Chairman of Renaissance Care, said “Our culturally diverse workforce adds layers of both great positivity and challenge. My job is to bring everyone together under the auspices of our company values to create on community that is proud of what it achieves.”