Power of Good: Geoff Leask – #PowerOfGood

By August 19, 2019Featured, Power of Good

Young Enterprise Scotland is an organisation that has been helping to change young people’s lives since 1992 and playing its part in contributing to ‘The Power of Good’

As chief executive of our small but impactful organisation I have striven to ensure that, no matter what your role in the organisation, you stay close to the young people who are the beneficiaries of our work.

At a recent event I attended where young people were sharing their stories and experiences having participated in one of our programmes, I was struck by the constant thread through each of their wonderful stories – reference to a person. Everybody needs someone to be inspired by, someone that takes time to listen and someone who offers those little important words of encouragement.

I believe that that in many young people’s lives, the Volunteers who support Young Enterprise Scotland are those inspirational people!

At the event that I have mentioned already, throughout the evening the young people constantly referred to their business adviser called Marion, James, Charlotte and you guessed it – the list goes on.

Yes, the young people will refer to the Programme that they have undertaken, the specific project that they undertook and will have bagged more skills for life and work than one could ever list here, however the moment when their eyes light up is when they refer to the person who believed in them during that enterprise journey with Young Enterprise Scotland.

I am lucky to have been involved with Young Enterprise Scotland both as a volunteer and now as chief executive and have the fortune to see this impact on a pretty much daily basis however for some it is less frequent.

This reaction to someone believing in you is truly palpable – you can recognise it and feel it  you are there in the room. To me this is what ‘the power of good’ means when we think of our work at Young Enterprise Scotland – someone without any desire for recompense taking time, effort and passion to help progress a young person to be ready for life or work – you Cannae beat it!

Geoff Leask
CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland