Power of Good: Eric Liddell Centre – #PowerOfGood

By August 20, 2019Featured, Power of Good

The Eric Liddell Centre is named after one of Scotland’s most iconic heroes.

Eric Liddell inspired generations of athletes and people throughout the world through his sporting achievements and faith – Eric was the man who refused to run on Sundays, which included the heats of his favoured 100m in the 1924 Paris Olympics. He remained true to his religious beliefs and commitments, in spite of a range of pressures from governing bodies, politicians, the press and some elements of society.

He changed events and won a gold medal in a world record time in the 400m and also collected a bronze medal in the 200m. The Oscar winning film, Chariots of Fire ensured he is remembered for this part of his life.

After, the Games, he graduated from Edinburgh University with a BSc and then followed his parent’s example as missionaries and initially taught science at the Anglo – Chinese College in Tiensin. Eric devoted his life to support the lives of others as a missionary in Northern China, until he was held in a Japanese internment camp from 1943 to 1945, where he died due to a brain tumour.

Eric talked about the importance of Mind, Body and Soul, and suggested, that if we look after these three crucially important areas of life and learning, we should be confident about individuals’ ability to contribute positively to our communities and society.

He also said, “In the dust of defeat, as well as the laurels of victory, there is a glory to be found, if one has done his best.”

Most would agree that Eric Liddell did deliver his very best and remains an ongoing source of inspiration.

Based in Morningside, the Eric Liddell Centre runs the Dementia Day Care Service, which provides 3,500 places each year to individuals who have a medical diagnosis of dementia.  Its purpose is to show that with the correct support it is possible to live a full live, while living with dementia.

Most significantly, it aspires to reach the level of excellence demonstrated by Eric Liddell in the way that it cares for others – in aiming to do the best it can for others; it hopes to provide its own version of the Power of Good.

The Eric Liddell Centre delivers a range of caring services throughout Edinburgh.