Post Royal Wedding Stress

By May 2, 2011Uncategorized

So that’s it then, the Royal Wedding televised for close to 12 hours, discussed and reported for months, is finally over.We’ve read about the engagement, the location of the wedding, the dress, the stag and hen dos, merchandise, the dress, the vows, the in-laws, the dress, the honeymoon, the weather and did I mention the dress?

For those who got caught up in the pomp, circumstance and all the monarchical glory, it will be about now that PRWS sets in, that’s Post Royal Wedding Stress.  Symptoms include, but are not limited to, random periods of wondering whether ‘Diana would approve’, anxiety regarding your chances of landing the other prince, phantom index finger twitches from clicking across news sites, weight gain from the 22 scones with clotted cream consumed on the big day, flashbacks and loss of interest in activities and commoner life in general.  

Those suffering from PRWS should not panic, the media still has weeks of honeymoon to dissect and then the countdown to the Royal conception begins, followed by the Royal Pregnancy and subsequent Royal Baby.  In the meantime, pour yourself a cuppa, keep calm and carry on.