Paws for thought

By March 17, 2012Uncategorized

What a week it’s been for our four legged friends.

Last Sunday night, a not so leggy blonde named Elizabeth was awarded best in show at Crufts. The seven year old Lhasa Apso beat off stiff completion from over 21,000 other hopeful canines to win the prestigious honour.

As an owner of an 11 year old Lhasa Apso called Rufus, Crufts, to me, is all about celebrating the loving relationships our waggy tailed friends have with their owners, while highlighting the variety of roles dogs play in society and many different disciplines and activities in which they are involved.

Although it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears for the dogs to be primped and preened to perfection, their personalities shine though as they strut their stuff in front of the judges and the audience.  One finalist, a little Pomeranian, even decided to do mini twirls to get the judge’s attention, which sent the audience into fits of giggles!

Although some people think Crufts is barking mad, the organiser of the world’s greatest dog show – The Kennel Club – is dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs. Programmes and investments in education and health initiatives to help dogs across the UK to live long, healthy, happy lives with responsible owners are its priority.

Despite these efforts, in this day and age, there still are unscrupulous breeders running puppy farms as their only interest is in making a quick buck. But Crufts’ reputation as being a respected organisation within the dog community highlights the importance of breeding healthy dogs. After all, they’re known as man’s best friend for nothing.