Olympic-sized relief for the coalition

By July 30, 2012Uncategorized

I have heard the Olympiad is upon us and it seems a fair few folks in Britannia are more than a bit excited, myself included. Oh, yes, I very much look forward to relaxing with a frosty glass of kykeon and flipping on the BBC each evening to watch highlights of the stadion, diaulos and hoplitodromos like everyone else. I, too, will pack into the pub with my compatriots to cheer on Agasides in his pursuit of olive oil and drachma.

Yes, the Olympiad is a special time indeed.

But no one is perhaps more pleased that these Games have finally begun than our coalition protagonists. Lords reform, a deepening double-dip recession, rows over renewables subsidies, the granny tax, pasty tax and general queasiness with coalition government are now all safely in the review mirror. Politicians desperately needed a holiday and for the next two weeks they’ll get one, for the most part, as the nation’s media turns its attention to obsessively chronicling British dominance in obscure sporting events.

Not even the pall cast by G4S and a tactless American presidential candidate can ruin this party. Despite the mumblings and grumblings about Zil lanes, ridiculous sponsorship arrangements and flag screw ups, I feel Britons are finally ready to crack a smile, embrace the Games and stop worrying about the state of the government.

Well, at least until boundary reform.

Patrick Hogan