Nicola Gourlay #embracingdiversity

Diversity within Chris Stewart Group has come about organically. The property company’s deeply embedded principles for looking at each development project from new and different perspectives has meant that it has continually embraced diverse skills and unique talents to create stand-out buildings that people want to inhabit. Nicola Gourlay is one of CSG’s team of highly qualified architects. She sees diversity made up of three important elements:

Firstly, the ability to listen and acknowledge the views of others, (one gender to listen to all others, one race to listen to others, the young to listen to the old and vice versa).

“Secondly, to have the confidence to speak up, even when your words may be contrary to the prevailing thought, (as your voice will always have value and has the potential to change perceptions or the future for the benefit of all).

“And lastly, to support, empower, and promote the ability to break preconceptions. The world is full of potential and with hard work, enthusiasm and persistence you can be whatever you want to be; even that thing that you were told as a child you could not be.

“Happy International Women’s Day, although I would be more comfortable if it was called Empowerment day.”