Newspapers show their value

By August 8, 2011Uncategorized

Newspapers have not had an easy time of late. The reputations of some have been hammered by the phone hacking scandals and their alleged excessive influence over government ministers and the police. At the same time, the proliferation of news over the internet has brought into question their very existence.

However, this weekend the print media as a force for intelligent, informative comment and analysis was somewhat restored. The coverage over the downgrading of America’s credit rating and its impact on the rest of the world was both measured and thorough. The quality newspapers provided a comprehensive – and down to earth – understanding of the current situation and the potential consequences.

Newspapers can and do offer up reporting that is scrutinised, checked and verified, and ultimately valuable. It is the reason why a story in the newspapers about any business or organisation comes with an endorsement and built in credibility.

So does this mean that the future of newspapers is safe? That’s hard to say, but this weekend shows that there is still room for – and a need for – thoughtful, investigative reporting that can be read in slower time.