Mother nature causes chaos once more

By May 24, 2011Uncategorized

It’s May. The Winter Wardrobe of thick tights and woollen trousers, chunky coats and boots was safely tucked away in favour of floaty skirts, wee cardis and flip flops. 

I’m a little brave when it comes to Summer dressing. We live in Scotland, we simply cannot have our wardrobes dictated by the weather unless we want to wear the same thing all year round so I tend to dress for the seasons.

But even I was defeated this week and had to pull the ‘bloody Berghaus’ from the back of the cupboard and pull the Hunter wellies from deep within the abyss that is ‘under the bed’.

The country came to a standstill again as 100mph winds battered us. Trains were halted. Flights grounded. Roads made inaccessible. It’s like the snow of months ago all over again!

And, once again, the same old questions arise. Can the Government do more to keep the country moving? Can we plan better? Since this latest blast only lasted one day (fingers crossed, touch wood etc) then there haven’t been too many calls of outrage. People generally get a bit excited (I know I do) when there is extreme weather but that excitement does wear off and with it comes finger pointing. We can’t direct our moans at Mother Nature but we can to those who manage our infrastructure.

And in another blow (pardon the pun), the ash cloud is back. The ash cloud which put paid to family holidays, honeymoons and business travel last year is back causing chaos once more. The message ringing from our TVs now though is that there is now a ‘strategy’ in place and the disruption will not be on the scale of that experienced last year. Tell that to the people who spent the night sleeping on the airport floor and those due to fly off to sunnier climates looking into cancelling their hotels and finding out what ‘staycation’ deals are on offer.

The new Scottish Government’s responses to these latest weather extremes will be their first real test. I, for my own selfish reasons of wanting to be able to travel, hope they pass.

Whatever we have done to upset you Mother Nature, we are sorry!