Meeting a watery end

By August 23, 2017Featured

A survey by telecoms provider giffgaff has revealed that mobile phone batteries do not last the full length of a contract, with phones needing to be recharged every few hours by the end of a two year agreement, as opposed to once a day one average when they’re sold.

Lithium-ion batteries are only designed to withstand a number of full drains of the battery – equating to a couple of years’ worth – but as anyone knows, as soon as the contract is due for renewal, phones mysteriously tend to develop a range of malfunctions that send users looking for upgrades.

It’s like they’re programmed to pack in on the 23rd month of ownership! And any thoughts you had of switching to a sim-only contract are out the window as you’re steered cannily by providers into another 24 month deal, forking out once again for an expensive handset along the way.

Having used iPhones for a number of years, I’ve never had an issue with them as I’m a bit ‘old school’. I don’t take full advantage of what a smart phone has to offer like streaming videos or using applications which are notorious for sucking the life out of a battery. I simply like having an iPhone to take photos.

But my love affair with taking photos sadly ended this week when I dropped the phone in water.

Frantically Googling on my husband’s phone to find out what to do – should I put it in rice, whip the hairdryer out or let it dry naturally – I opted for all three in the hope that one had to work.

Needless to say, none of these sophisticated techniques have been successful (I’ve been told it can take up to a week to dry out so I’m clinging onto hope as it’s only been 36 hours since the mishap), but I’ve now resigned myself to the fact the phone is pan bread.

But what’s bothering me is the fact I hadn’t backed up my images for months on end as my data storage was fit to burst and I didn’t have the time to go through and mass delete all the pouting selfies girl child takes.

And the net result is that just about all the baby photos taken of her little brother since he popped onto the scene last year are no more.

Looking for the right words to say, girl child cheerily announces, “at least you have all the photos of me on the iCloud. I’m much prettier anyway and I’m your favourite child. You could always pretend my baby photos are of my brother.”

So while mummy has been #soblessed and #makingmemories with her by taking the photos to prove it, when the time comes for boy child to take a baby photo to school he is going to be handed one sporting darker hair, different shaped eyes and a pink frilly dress.

But it’s a lesson learned. In future I will take the time to back up my photos, because before I know it, they’ll be all grown up.

In the meantime, I’m going to start photoshopping girl child’s photos to resemble boy child while I count down the next 132 hours willing the soggy iphone to come back to life.

Natalie Davidson is a Senior Account Manager at Indigo