Meet the Special Adviser – Indigo Insights

By November 15, 2017Past Events

Thursday 7th December 2017

6:00pm, Indigo, 27 Maritime Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6SE

Drinks and Snacks provided


We’re delighted to extend an invitation for you to attend our second Indigo Insights event, where we will look at the role of Special Advisers (SpAds) and how organisations can build relationships with these important gatekeepers, as part of proactive public affairs engagement.

We will be joined by Malcolm Fleming  who is a former Senior Special Adviser to the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon (2014 -2016), covering a number of portfolios such as energy, climate change, environment, international development, refugees, land reform, business, tourism and rural affairs.  Prior to that role, Malcolm served as a Special Adviser to First Minister Alex Salmond, covering a similar breadth of issues between 2011 and 2014.

Special Advisers (or SpAds as they are more commonly known) are an often misunderstood entity within UK and Scottish politics.  With approximately 70 SpAds working at UK Government level and around 13 working within the Scottish Government, they have particular influence within the corridors of power.

However the public and those seeking to influence government often know very little about who Special Advisers are, how they’re appointed and what they do.  Indeed, despite some negative media stereotypes, SpAds are considered a valuable resource to Ministers, helping them navigate the civil service and keeping one eye on the ‘politics’ of their portfolio. Moreover, they’re often an effective conduit between Ministers and those seeking to have their voice heard.

Come along to hear insights from Malcolm Fleming and Indigo’s public affairs team on how your organisation can best engage with SpAds and ensure your message is heard at the centre of Government.

Spaces for this event are limited and demand is likely to be high so please RSVP asap to