Kerry Katona – the cat that got the cream

By September 12, 2011Uncategorized

Channel Five’s Celebrity Big Brother has done wonders to restore last night’s runner-up Kerry Katona’s reputation. Having led her car-crash of a life in the public eye since girl band Atomic Kitten pounced on the scene 13 years ago, the mum-of-four from Warrington has finally managed to lay her demons to rest and put her troubles to bed.Firmly putting behind her two failed marriages, where her latter lead her to bankruptcy as she squandered her cash on a lavish lifestyle to keep her no-good husband from straying, she struck up an unlikely friendship in the Big Brother house with winner Paddy Doherty from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fame. 

Becoming top girl in the house proves she has finally won the support of the nation, courtesy of her three week stint on the programme, which showed she’s turned a corner in her life and is committed to putting her children first from now on. Sporting a funky blonde hair-do and slim line frame, the frumpy, curry-and-chips-loving-layabout Kerry is long gone. In place is an independent woman, committed to putting her children first by working hard for a living. 

And with last’s night’s glory the icing on the cake, no doubt this morning she’ll have woken up to various opportunities to endorse companies’ products as they want to capitalise on her newly restored reputation to help sell their merchandise.