Keep a positive attitude

By June 16, 2011Uncategorized

As I sit and look over my piles (on tomorrow’s to-do list I promise) of paperwork and clippings in slight despair (tomorrow, tomorrow), my mood is lifted by a slightly silly sign on my desk which reads ‘keep a positive attitude’, complete with a smiley face in the ‘o’.

Now, a week or so ago, had you said I would be a PMA (positive mental attitude) champion, preaching the benefits of a positive attitudes and responses then you might have got a wee bit of a sarcastic and wry reply.

However, I have to say, I’m now a convert.

Last week, on the instruction of my PMA-extraordinaire father, I went on the Sewells ‘Working Miracles’ workshop hosted by Dr Will Holden. Those three days have well and truly changed my mind-set and hopefully my life.

All our behaviours and attitudes are learned and we can be and do anything we want to. That may sound a bit la-de-da but let me give you an example. After a 20-year debilitating phobia of dogs, on Saturday I stroked a random dog and on Sunday I walked through a park. Working Miracles indeed. I’m excited to see what else can be achieved.

And it’s already rubbing off in the Indigo office. When we’re doing the morning rounds of ‘how are you today’, instead of the stock ‘I’m fine’ response, we’re having ‘goods’, ‘greats’ and ‘terrifics’ all round.