Jesus Christ – is the curtain being pulled down over London’s West End?

By July 23, 2012Uncategorized

West End producers have suggested the reputation of London’s theatreland could be damaged as a result of ITV’s latest reality show Superstar.

For 1.5 hours every night this week, viewers’ ears have been bleeding from the wannabe Jesus Christs’ belting out of tune pop songs, while their mouth’s ache from the constant jaw-dropping abysmal ‘acting’.

Audiences know Superstar’s a dud, too. They’re switching off in their droves. The opening episode attracted 3.2 million viewers – roughly two million lower than the average for its time slot.

But for anyone who has ever experienced the buzz of London’s West End, I’m sure you will agree a reality TV programme version of an extended audition doesn’t cut the mustard.

We’ve all cottoned on to the fact these programmes are dreamed up by greedy money-making media moguls and the ‘stars’ are sadly one-hit wonders, easily disposable and dropped quicker than a hot potato.

So, the West End can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s not its reputation that’s at risk as a result of Superstar, but ITV and those behind it who allow these ‘entertainment’ shows to be broadcast.

Personally, I can’t wait for Wednesday evening to come to a close. Not because I’ll find out who has been crowned Jesus, but I’ll be able to take my ear plugs out and watch some decent prime time drama – hurrah!



Natalie Davidson