It’s official – the world has gone mad!

By June 3, 2011Uncategorized

Met Police officers guarding the Olympic torch on its 70-day odyssey around the UK next year are to be offered counselling to help them “reintegrate” after the event.I wonder if anyone asked the officers how they feel about being portrayed as being unable to get back to their day jobs without professional intervention? This is beyond political correctness and whoever decided this didn’t factor in that making this announcement might actually cause stress by humiliating the officers unnecessarily. 

These men and woman are London’s providers of law and order. But they are being made to look like a bunch of big girls’ blouses by the po-faced professionals who claim to be looking after their interests.

Someone thought it was a good idea to promote this. But it doesn’t look like they ran a critical eye over the PR and reputational implications and, as a result, we’re all having a laugh at the Met’s finest. It’s also damaging to the Met’s credibility because, at time of cuts, this kind of spending looks like a serious waste of money.

Away to plan my reintegration strategy for colleagues coming back to the office after the weekend …