It’s not cricket! And it’s not great PR either


I can completely understand the predicament. The English Cricket Board (ECB) appoints Andrew Strauss as its new Director of Cricket and they want to deal with all of the headline issues quickly and decisively so that they can move on. So they fire the head coach, Peter Moores, after a couple of disastrous tours and Kevin Pietersen is told, unequivocally, he will never play for England again.A clean break from the past. A look to the future.

Only it wasn’t.

The news of the departure of the much-liked Moores was leaked on the same day Strauss was appointed and the reason given for KP’s dismissal was ‘lack of trust’ – it couldn’t be on performance after the maverick batsman had notched up 355 not out in his last match.

Instead of invoking sympathy and understanding (if that was their aim) as everyone knows KP has been a destructive force in the dressing room, it attracted derision – when has a player been dropped because of ‘trust’, least of all one of England’s best players? Isn’t that an issue for the captain to sort out? With an eye on the next Ashes series, the Aussies, of course, have had a field day.

The lesson is that a quick decision, however expedient, still needs to be thought through and controlled. Even knowing that the Australians would try to turn any statement to their advantage, where was the boldness and vision of a cricketing set up out to inspire success over the summer months?