The Indigo team picks their favourite mavericks and teams


As part of our Mavericks and Team Builders series, we asked the Indigo’s people to think about which unorthodox or independent minded person stands out for them and then tell us their favourite team.

Read on for their insightful, funny and only occasionally mystifying responses…


han solo

Maverick – “Han Solo. Who else could make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?”

Team – “The Denmark Euro 1992 Squad. They were given just a week’s notice to get together for Euro 92 when Yugoslavia were not allowed to participate due to the civil war.  They were massive underdogs but managed to win the tournament beating Germany in the final. Fantastic team spirit interspersed with great players such as Schmeichel, Laudrup, and Vilfort.”



Maverick – “Hillary Clinton: a woman who is capable, ambitious and running (for the second time) for the most powerful elected office in the world while under unprecedented scrutiny.”

Team – “Olivia Pope & Associates: In Scandal, the team of fixers led by Olivia Pope are fiercely loyal, have a never-say-die attitude and always find a creative way round seemingly insurmountable problems. Aside from the murders, kidnappings and cover-ups, there’s a lot to replicate.” 


top gun

Maverick – “The original Pete “Maverick” Mitchell the US Navy Pilot in Top Gun – it was just at the right time as I had set my career heights on being a fighter pilot myself …… until my lack of 20-20 vision let me down.  Now I have laser sharp vision (thanks to Optical Express) I might get back into the cockpit.”

Team – “For teamwork it has to be the Red Arrows – there is no better way to demonstrate the role of the leader and the crucial part each team player has to work completely and confidently as one.  Either that or Top Cat.

“Up, up and away……”



Maverick(s) – “My mavericks would be John Lennon or Alex Turner for being fearless and not afraid to speak their minds regardless of what other people say (and also superb songwriters/frontmen!)”

Team – “For teams it would be Barcelona’s 2010/11 Champions League winning team! Not for being one of the most successful in club football history but also for the manner and style they played with to achieve what they did.”



Maverick – “Tom Petty for amazing music by himself, with The Heartbreakers and The Travelling Wilburys and for always sticking to his principles.”

Team – “Bob Dylan and the Band for trail blazing, breaking barriers, writing protest, historical and political commentary songs which remain as relevant as the day they were written.”


Maverick – “Margo Macdonald: brilliant mind, wicked sense of humour and defiantly independent all the way.”

Team – “The Musketeers, who embody the team spirit – all for one, one for all!”



Maverick – “Sir Alex Ferguson for the size of his achievement and the competition faced. His adaptability and ambition made him the one of the greatest football managers of all time.”

Team – “Great Britain’s Davis Cup winning team and their journey to champions for the first time in 79 years.”



Maverick – “I’m going with Morrissey for my maverick. He’s non-conformist, eccentric and unorthodox. All the things a maverick should be!”

Team – “For my team I’m going with the Ocean’s 11 boys- everyone bringing their own skill for a common goal – to get rich!”



Maverick – “My Maverick has to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice for her spirited non-conformity, though Clare Underwood from House of Cards runs her close for always doing the unexpected.”

Team – “Charlie’s Angels as I sooooo wanted to be part of the team.”


louis thereux

Maverick – “Louis Theroux. He was why I decided to study journalism at university. The way he approaches controversy, and the fearless way of asking what the audience wants to know ticks all the boxes.”

Team – “The Cincinnati Bengals. They might not be the top of their field, but the performance and team work they put in every game is a winner for me.” 



Maverick – “Roald Dahl. For being able to stand the test of time. With each generation there is a new Roald Dahl following. Today’s children become lost in a magical world of make believe, while their parents who were once fans are once again caught up in his feel good stories reading with their own children.”

Team – “F1 teams in general. With only two seconds to change four tyres when the racing car comes into the pit stop, the team of 12 have to work seamlessly with each other as every second counts in a race.” 



Maverick – “Winston Churchill, for his tenacity, his wit, his turn of phrase and, ultimately, for being right and acting decisively when those around him lacked conviction and direction.”

Team – “The West Wing’s Bartlet administration, for making politics inspiring, hopeful and constructive. If only today’s presidential real life election debate could live up to the fictional ideal it represents.”


This month voters in the UK will go to the polls to decide whether we, as a country, prefer to stand alone outside the European or continue to try to lead the international agenda from within it.

In the run-up to the referendum we will be posting a series of blogs, client stories and interviews from across Indigo’s networks, taking a sideways look at whether we can balance the advantages of strong networks against the freedom to stand out from the crowd.

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