Indigo Online: Strength to Strength for Workplace Productivity Services

By March 6, 2019Featured, Indigo Online

Indigo is a company focused on producing the best for our clients in the world of external communications, so it’s interesting that a widely used social media provider is venturing – with some success – into developing and improving tools that improve internal comms too.

While emails certainly still have their place in most workplaces, a torrent of newsletters, updates, and alerts can mean that important information about your work gets overlooked when you check your inbox. Whether your business is large business or small, workplace productivity services like Slack and Yammer are a great way of keeping track of tasks and projects within a team or network of teams.

Recently Facebook has caught the eye, having experienced a meteoritic two million user rise in premium subscribers to it Workplace platform since its inception just two years ago.

What’s the secret of that success? It’s probably little wonder that a Facebook product has excelled as creating user friendly interfaces that allow professional colleagues to communicate intuitively, just as it managed to transform social network interaction since it was conceived. There are lots of providers out there doing similar things, so the question is whether they can keep competing with the Facebook behemoth in the years ahead as companies look to help their people collaborate more efficiently.