Indigo Connected: Megan Hughes

By May 23, 2018Indigo Connected

Social media in less than 280 characters? We interviewed Megan Hughes of Accenture for the answers.

You first started working with social media almost ten years ago. What did the social media environment look like then and how has it changed over the past decade?

The #SocialMedia environment was less complex for users & businesses prior. In a decade there’s been an explosion of SM channels (this conversation prism is tip of the iceberg) serving specific user segments, countries, languages, interests & employee collaboration!

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Social media is now ubiquitous. What has caused its rapid rise to become a mainstream communications tool?

The combined progress in technologies (smartphones, 3G/4G, optimised apps) & easier access to these technologies coupled with underlying data (unlimited plans) being more affordable have all played a part in rendering this mainstream

How does social media benefit social groups and how does it benefit business groups?

#SocialMedia gives people a voice. Companies have learned company-consumer comms are no longer a one-way broadcast street. For businesses it allows innovation, increased sales, increased employee collaboration amongst other benefits!

Can you predict what is going to happen next?

Laws & policies around personal data will tighten (especially with #GDPR & Cambridge Analytica). But the ever-increasing data volumes will allow more advanced #Analytics capabilities via #ArtificialIntelligence to benefit both individuals & companies