Hurrah for gin throughout the school holidays

By July 31, 2017Food for thought

We’re halfway through the school holidays, which has so far felt like an eternity.

Keeping mini me’s amused costs. Lots. In fact, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of pounds, as they embark on activities to keep them entertained. I daren’t look at my bank account. I’ll get a fright if I add up what’s went out.

But all I know is my hand is never out my pocket, flashing my bank card knowing fine well it’s only going to keep them occupied for a short while, before the cries of boredom kick in or the constant questions begin and I’m wondering if it’s acceptable time to have a drink, after all, I’ve been up since the crack of dawn and most of the night, so technically 9am is like lunchtime to me.

The latest survey shows that drinking alcohol most days of the week can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Data from more than 70,000 drinkers found that having a drink on three or four days per week was associated with a reduced risk of 27 per cent in men and 32 per cent in women, compared with abstaining.

It was found red wine had the biggest benefits. While on the other hand, it discovered gin and other spirits upped the chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 83 per cent.

Everything in moderation  I say and a glass of award-winning gin, with plenty of ice and premium tonic is my only life’s little luxury – just the one of course – apart from when my two cherubs go to sleep. And as I sit there in peace watching their angelic faces dream sweet thoughts, I quickly forget how hard a day it’s been despite being like Cinderella.

When it’s all so quiet and still, I use that time to catch up on the day’s news and the tears stream down my face when I read about beautiful baby Charlie Gard.

As I sit there holding my sleepy baby boy in my arms, snuggling into me, his tiny hands holding mine tightly so I don’t let go, I realise what a cruel world we live in and that broken hearted Charlie’s parents are sadly now without their little boy.

At that point I hold onto my little boy for a while longer. I give him and his sister more kisses and cuddles. And before I know it, I’ve sat there for hours with them by my side and end up rushing around like a Tasmanian devil to get everything organised for the next day.

While my bank account continues to be as drained as I feel for the remainder of the school holidays, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And as Edinburgh embarks on the Fringe, head along to the Merchant’s Hall for the A Club. You can enjoy gin and vodka cocktails as well as top names in pop, jazz, folk, rock and classical music.

Chin, chin!

Natalie Davidson is a Senior Account Manager at Indigo