#HappyBirthdayHashtags, plus other picks of the week.

By August 25, 2017Indigo

The hashtag celebrated 10 years of use on Twitter, with 125 million hashtags being used every day on the platform. What did we ever do without them?

In a throwback to an older, more romantic form of communication, we also learned that the Shipping Forecast turned 150 this week, making it the longest continuously running weather forecast in the world.

Elsewhere in the media, the solar eclipse threatened to overshadow other events, even at the White House, where President Trump showed us that only fake news-loving wimps follow advice not to look straight at the sun.  Meanwhile, we were pleased that the moon wasn’t the only things doing the eclipsing as the International Space Station photobombed the whole thing!

Online activities and cyber security were also very prominent in the press as many company directors admit they aren’t prepared to recognise and respond to a cyber attack.

Outside of big companies, over 500 cases of identity fraud now occur every day in the UK because we’re sharing too much personal information online.

And watching what you post is very important for other reasons too, as 36% of companies reportedly admit that they’ve turned down an applicant due to their social media profile.

Speaking of personal details widely shared, we’ve all settled down for another fervid bout of daily panda fertility tracking, as Edinburgh Zoo keeps us up to date on the possible arrival of a cute, furry bundle of joy sometime soon.