Hair today…

By November 10, 2011Uncategorized

Adolf Hitler started it and Village People went one better. Now, a well-meaning fund-raising initiative threatens to succeed completely.

I’m talking about the slow death of street cred of the once ubiquitous moustache, which I suspect is now in its latter stages thanks to Movember.

This daft but brilliant campaign has spread throughout the world since a group of Aussies decided in 2003 to grow ’taches for charity.

Now, every November sees men – and perhaps some women too – doing their best to sprout super soup-strainers to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Charity.

In the first half of the 20th century moustaches were adorned by every male old enough to grow them. Since then, they have become so uncool that the people behind Movember realised that it takes an inordinate amount deal of courage to have a hairy upper lip.

After all, who wants to look like a ’70s porn star? (answers on a postcard please)

And so wearing a moustache has become an altruistic act of bravery, a cringe-worthy, 30-day stunt designed to raise a laugh and some money.

For the remaining 335 days of every year, the “mo” is a no-no, and I suspect will remain so long after the popularity of Movember fades away.

Does anyone know a good reputation management specialist prepared to take on the job of reviving the ’tache’s credibility? No, thought not.