Good and Bad PR examples for the week 7 February 2011

By February 11, 2010Uncategorized

They say there is no such thing as bad news – but try telling that to acidic Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner this week! Career cracks started to appear when almost 3,000 viewers jammed ITV and Ofcom ¬switchboards demanding Gardiner be fired after his bullying of head coach Karen Barber, putting bosses under huge pressure to act. Stars of the show also voiced their anger at the 45-year-old’s tirade that left Karen in tears and “inconsolable”. 

Some of the shows 9.5 million fans launched an online petition and Facebook campaigns to get the judge booted off but, remarkably, Karen stepped in to save Jason from the sack. However, it’s not all over for the bold boy yet, he has still to face the public tomorrow night and the possibility of being booed by a hostile audience. How he deals with that will either make or break his reputation.

If Jason was an Indigo client, we would advise him to apologise fully and unreservedly to Karen and everyone he has offended and upset at the start of the show. Yes, he has already said sorry but it seemed half-hearted and so it didn’t hit the mark. If he doesn’t do say sorry wholeheartedly and genuinely, he risks looking cowardly and unrepentant – and his days as a judge might still be numbered .  

Then he should get back to being a judge with strong but fair opinions – but drop the Mr Nasty, Jason, it doesn’t suit you. When the original King of ‘Nasty’ Simon Cowell wades into the bullying row, saying it makes him cringe when he sees people being gratuitously rude for the sake of it, you should know you’re skating on thin ice! 


And the winner for the week is …. Apple!

Shares in Apple are predicted to rise a staggering 32 per cent over the next 12 months, driving the company’s market value up to a staggering £269.5billion. Tipped to surpass Exxon, currently valued at £263billion, even taking into account the rising oil prices likely to increase their profits.

Apple reported its best ever quarterly results last month, continuing its relentless rise up the list of the world’s biggest companies, much to the chagrin of new Nokia boss, quoted as saying “we’re years behind” when reading the riot act to staff about their smartphone rivals surging ahead!

Gadget fans and technophobes alike have clambered over themselves, and their grannies, to get hold of the latest iSomething and in the last three months of 2010 alone, Apple sold 3.89million Macs, 14.1million iPhones, 9.05million iPods and 4.19million iPads. Their loyal customer base, devoted to the ‘cool’, quirky brand and aesthetically pleasing design, have transformed Apple into a sales juggernaut, with some experts predicting  35million iPads being sold this year, more than doubling last year’s 14.8million sales.

Not even reports of a spate of suicides last year at the Chinese complex where Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad are built and assembled can keep this business behemoth down.  If yesterday’s (10th February) rumours of an iPad 3, with front and rear-facing camera are to be believed, Apple’s PR machine has managed to amplify the buzz in Silicon Valley into a global techno-cacophony in just 24 hours!