Facebook’s red-face moment

By October 23, 2013Uncategorized

In the world of reputation management, we occasionally have to assist our clients through difficult periods when their words or actions have met public resistance.

Step forward Facebook.

This has not been a great week. On Monday the BBC revealed that the social media giant had relaxed its ban on violent and offensive content. The media (and the public-led social media) backlash was inevitable. We were warned that our timelines would feature haunting clips, images and videos which we would be powerless to avoid.

What happened next was inevitable. A video appeared showing a woman’s decapitation. Thankfully, Facebook acted quickly removing the clip and hastily brining in new rules on graphic content.

This isn’t the first faux pas from Facebook and it probably won’t be the last. It’s time the business caught up with the, often cruel, digital world that it helped to create.

Brian O’Neill