Excellence in Communication at TEDx

I recently attended my second TEDx event and was again blown away by the quality of speakers and the enthralling diversity of subjects they touched upon.

The theme at TEDxGlasgow was Why not here? The speakers imparted their advice, insight and positivity through a variety of talks. And as I listened intently to each, I became as interested in the delivery of the messages as I was in the content of them.

Perhaps, given that I work in communications, that’s no surprise. Yet the dynamics in motion would be intriguing to anyone. How each speaker connected with the 600-strong audience was an art in itself. Some approached it with good old Glasgow banter, while others shared cherished aspects of their life, albeit with a group of people they had never met before.

Through all walks of like, effective communication is such a powerful tool. No matter what you want to say, how and when you say it is as important as the information you provide.  For some people words come easily, while others fret for hours over finding the right phrase before reaching out to others.

Whatever your style of presenting, be it to one or one thousand, TEDx demonstrated powerfully that it’s the passion with which messages are conveyed that shines most strongly. Moreover, we were encouraged to adopt transparency in our business communications, to ‘self-monitor’ so we don’t over-heat, to treat speakers with compassion (just as you’d like them to hear you with as much grace) and primarily – to follow your own passion.

For me the messages certainly hit home, and I am already looking forward to next year’s event.

Elaine McKean

Managing Director

Tel: 0131 554 1230