Down to the wire comms planning

By January 15, 2021Uncategorised

With the Brexit trade deal deadline looming, late last year, Indigo worked with a public sector body in Scotland’s food sector to create a bespoke communications toolkit designed to help them cut through the uncertainty surrounding negotiations and guide them on managing media and stakeholder engagement with greater assurance.

We helped them break down, subject by subject, the most important trade deal-related topics to allow the client to prepare for every eventuality based on appropriate and accurate information. The toolkit clearly identified potential challenges for the sector that would arise at the end of the transition period, both in the event of a deal or a ‘no deal’ scenario, offering structured communications guidance on how they might be discussed reactively and proactively in 2021.

Director of Public Affairs, Peter Smyth recalls: “With Brexit trade negotiations going down to the wire in December, the challenge facing organisations that support businesses was to cut through the uncertainty and have clear messages prepared and ready to deploy for any eventuality. Indigo’s comms planning toolkit methodologies are built precisely for these circumstances, providing clients with the assurance of a fully flexible ‘living document’ that they can use to plan and adapt in a structured way, as and when the most challenging circumstances arise.”

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