‘The Donald Circus’ rolled into town and everyone was after a ringside seat

By April 26, 2012Uncategorized

This week, ‘The Donald’ came to Edinburgh to share his controversial views on wind farms with the Scottish Parliament.

Donald Trump is one of the world’s most successful businessmen but is that why everyone was clamouring for a ringside seat to this circus performance? I would hasten to guess no.

Like me, I’m sure most people wanted to tune in simply to hear those fantastic sound bites, outlandish claims and over-the-top patriotism for his mother’s homeland. (The line to ‘trump’ all lines had to be his reference to Libyan bomber Megrahi – you couldn’t have made that up!)

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I love ‘The Donald Show’. It is refreshing in an age of political correctness, watered down opinions and stage managed figureheads being spoon fed non-confrontational and safe comments that in Donald Trump we have a man who is bigger than a negative headline and who simply says what’s on his mind.

As he said, the Menie development is small for him in terms of his other business ventures so why has he personally staked his reputation on this, as well as a sizeable chunk of his time? For one, his reputation is safe. Everyone has come to grow and love this big character and view him as that, a character. As for his time, I think this is genuinely personally important for him so is going at it all guns blazing.

He was asked what evidence does he have to back up his claims on tourism and wind farms. His reply; “I am the evidence”. I think that sums up Donald Trump brilliantly. I only wish we could see more of “The Donald Show”, it certainly livened up an otherwise dull debate and made for, I would say, the most interesting energy, tourism and committee inquiry submission ever.